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Iron and steel materials are widely used in modern construction, and there are many varieties and specifications. Through the classification of steel and the use of brand representation methods, the characteristics of each steel material are expressed with prescribed symbols, which brings great convenience to the selection and use of steel materials.

中国 ISO 日本 韩国 德国 法国 英国 美国
Q195 E185 SS330 SS330 S185/1.0035 S185 S185 Grade B
Q235A/B E235A/B SS400 SS400 S235JR/1.0038 S235JR S235JR Grade D
Q355B HS355C/-D SM520C SM490AW E355/1.0060 E355JR E355JR ClassD/A
Q355D E355ML E355DD SEV245 S355MC/1.0984 S355MC S355MC GradeD
10 C10 S10C SM10C C10E/1.1121 C10E C10E 1010/G10100
20 C20E4 S20C SM20C C22E/1/1151 C22E C22E 1020/G10200
45 C45E4 S45C SM45C C45E/1.1191 C45E C45E 1045/G10450
15Mn CC15K SWRCH16K SWRCH16K 15Mn3/1.0467 C16E 08A15 1016/G10160
20Mn C20E4 SWRCH22K SWRCH22K C22E/1.1151 20M5 08A20 1022/G10220
25Mn C25E4 SWRCH30K SWRCH30K ---- ---- C25E 1026/G10260
30Mn C30E4 SWRCH30K SWRCH30K C30E/1.1178 32M5 C30E 1033/G10330
35Mn C35E4 SWRCH33K SWRCH33K C35E/1.1181 C35E C35E 1037/G10370
40Mn C40E4 SWRCH40K SWRCH40K C40E/1.1186 C40E 40M5 C40E 1039/G10390
45Mn C45E4 SWRCH45K SWRCH45K C45E/1.1191 C45E 45M5 C45E 1046/G10460
20Mn2 22MN6 SMN420 SMN420 20MN6/1.1169 20M5 15M19 1524/G15240
30Mn2 28MN6 SMN433 SMN433 30MN5/1.1173 28MN6 32M5 28MN6 1330/G13300
35Mn2 36MN6 SMN433 SMN433 36MN5/1.1167 ---- 150M36 1335/G13350
40Mn2 42MN6 SMN438 SMN438 36MN5/1.1167 45M5 ---- 1340/G13400
27SIMn ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
15CR ---- SCR415 SCR415 17CR3/1.7016 17CR3 17CR3 523M15 5115/G51150
20CR 20CR4 SCR420 SCR420 20CR4/1.7027 18CR3 527M20 5120/G51200
30CR 34CR4 SCR430 SCR430 28CR4/1.7030 28CR4 28C4 28C4 530A30 5130/G51300
35CR 37CR4 SCR435 SCR435 37CR4/1.7034 37CR4 38C4 37CR4 530A36 5130/G51300
40CR 41CR4 SCR440 SCR440 41CR4/1.7035 41CR4 42C4 41CR4 530M40 5140/G51400
20G P235GH SB450(SB46) SBB450(SBB46) P235GH/1.0345 P235GH P235GH GRADE415(GRADE60)
22MNG 22MN6 SB480(SB49) SBB480(SBB49) P265GH/1.0425 P265GH P265GH GRADE485(GRADE70)
16MNG P235GH SPV355 SPPV355 P235GH/1.0345 P235GH P235GH GLASS1
19MNG P355GH ---- ---- P355GH/1.0473 P355GH P355GH GLASS1
15CRMOG 14CRMO4-5 SCMV2 SCMV2 16CRMO4-4 15CD4.05 620-460 F12 CLASS2

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